Run Facebook Ads Through MailChimp

MailChimp recently announced their easy integration with Facebook Ads.

Why should you care?

Easier interface for beginners

Setting up Facebook Ads can be a bit overwhelming for people new to the process. MailChimp’s clean layout and step-by-step process feels much easier.

Everything in one place

Speed up your production time and get campaigns out the door faster by handling your email blast and Facebook ad campaign at the same time.

Easy multi-channel campaigns

Did you know you can limit your Facebook ad campaign to just the people on your email list? Cool, huh? A great way to focus your campaign, test your content and create overall lift in response rates.

No Additional Cost

Using MailChimp to set up your Facebook ad campaign costs nothing more than if you did it all directly through Facebook.


I’m a big fan of MailChimp, especially as they continue to grow. Sure, there are some more sophisticated mass email products out there. But for the vast majority of nonprofits and small businesses, MailChimp can’t be beat for it’s simplicity, easy integration with other products and continual improvements.

P.S. No, MailChimp doesn’t pay me to rave about them. But I did get a free t-shirt once.


Get going on email marketing and Facebook ads.
Even if you don’t use MailChimp, for many nonprofits and small businesses, email and Facebook are the best options for gaining traction.

NathanRun Facebook Ads Through MailChimp