Don’t just survive.

We’ve been in the trenches of marketing and fundraising. We know how tough it can be to make progress when you’re pressured by the daily grind.


Let’s move you from

Problem to Solution
Stagnation to Momentum
Friction to Freedom
Anxiety to Relief
Overwhelmed to Energized
Confusion to Clarity


Toss us your ball of problems and frustrations.

We’ll help you unravel it. We’ll come alongside to help you take a clear look at each problem and strategize a way over each obstacle.

Get a boost with…

  • Spend your time and money where it will matter most
  • Recapture lapsed donors before they get away
  • Learn secrets of direct marketing to boost response rates
  • Get a comprehensive analysis of your fundraising programs
  • Generate compelling ideas for marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Build the essential supporting pieces to make your campaigns successful
  • A/B test your campaign headlines, images and price points to find what works best
  • Track your campaign results and analyze them for future improvement
  • Create smart email and direct mail campaigns like the professionals
  • Learn how to improve your marketing results by testing your campaigns
  • Use easy report templates to instantly gain insights about your campaigns
  • Understand which email, direct mail and website metrics really matter
  • Generate more revenue by changing your marketing based on your analytics
  • Grow your email list with very little effort
  • Improve open rates with tested subject lines
  • Send different images or text to email recipients
  • Increase click rates with personalization and segmentation
  • Increase fundraising with customized suggested giving amounts
  • Set up website destination pages that get people to act
  • Find the best online donation system for your nonprofit
  • Make your website mobile-friendly for smart phones and tablets
  • Simplify and clarify your website so that it communicates powerfully
  • Learn which of your website pages are the most popular and harness them
  • Add simple features to your website to dramatically increase conversions
  • Write blog posts that will drive traffic to your website
  • Develop a content calendar to make writing easier
  • Use your blog content as a powerful center for all of your social media and email marketing / fundraising
  • Get an overall strategy for what to post on social media
  • Actually be able to raise funds through social media and digital marketing
  • Know what to post on each social media channel, when and how often
  • Create social media content that people react to
  • Make a great first impression with a professional logo design
  • Create a tagline that resonates with your mission and audience
  • Get a full arsenal of your basic marketing materials that are unified around your brand
  • Develop a retreat that energizes your team for progress
  • Strengthen relationships to make your workplace more enjoyable
  • Understand personality types to better communicate and motivate team members
  • Discover essential tools for conflict resolution
  • Build a strategic annual plan that everyone embraces
  • Understand how you’re uniquely wired to work and find fulfillment
  • Learn how to position yourself for advancement in your workplace
  • Move past issues, attitudes and behaviors that seem to hold you back personally and professionally
  • Learn how to manage decisions, relationships and conflict and stress in healthy ways that work for you


An investment that will more than pay for itself 

  • How much would you give just for some relief?
  • How much money is your organization losing every day that goes by with the same issues holding you back?
  • How much is it worth to keep your existing customers and donors rather than find new ones?
  • What if you could stop bailing water and row forward for a change?

Start moving forward!

We offer three pricing options to meet you at your point of need.


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Half or Full-Day Training

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