3 Tips To Reach Older Generations Through Digital

3 Tips To Reach Older Generations Through Digital

“But our audience is older. We need some other way to reach them than digital.”


According to the 2016 Neilson Social Media Report, a whopping 77% of Americans age 50+ now have smartphones — up 12% since last year.

So what does that mean for you?

1. Don’t discount digital marketing

Don’t think of digital as an add-on to your strategy for reaching people 50+. Make it part of the core. Consider digital only campaigns targeted specifically at that age group. They usually have more money than a younger generation and they spend / give more online than offline. So if you strategize well, your return on investment could be amazing.

2. Use multi-channel digital marketing

You’re thinking Facebook, right? Sure, it’s the best bang for your buck right now and should definitely be a core part of reaching that 50+ crowd. But you’ll skyrocket your response rates by targeting those same people with an email. And be sure to have a fantastic website landing page for that campaign.

3. Get fancy with digital marketing

Wanna do even more? Re-target people who didn’t respond to your campaign the first time. Use a pop-up lightbox to increase quick conversions. Try A/B testing your headlines, images and offers to see what’s driving response.

Bottom line: We all live in a digital world.
Reaching people age 50+ through digital is just a matter of smart strategy.

Nathan3 Tips To Reach Older Generations Through Digital
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