Nathan Smith, Crossmark Enterprises
Nathan Smith

Strategic, Creative and Inspiring

The Crossmark Enterprises team is led by Nathan Smith, who has helped nonprofits and businesses excel in fundraising, marketing and media production for over 20 years. Crossmark clients span organizations like Portland Rescue Mission, Great Falls Rescue Mission, Kardelen Mercy Teams, All God’s Children International, Hospice and Palliative Care, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, American Council for the Blind, Portland Police Bureau: Sunshine Division, Metolius River Resort, Springwater Dental, Gateway Communications and Magi Management.

Nathan’s creative communication finds expression in advertising campaigns, fundraising appeals and events that inspire givers to reach deeper for the causes they care about. Clients come to him to craft compelling messages for multi-million dollar capital campaigns that appeal to major donors, foundations and corporate givers as well.

Nathan’s publications continue to win first-place awards in the annual AGRM Media Competition, including best newsletter, annual report, podcast, and blog. His graphic design skills integrate compelling visual communication with top-notch writing that spans every medium and channel.

Nathan has produced inspiring videos for testimonials, commercials, sermon illustrations, events, and fundraising telethons. Television specials produced for Portland Rescue Mission on local FOX and CBS stations added $100,000 in annual revenue, acquired hundreds of new donors, and greatly expanded brand recognition. Nathan’s photography has been sought after nationwide, appearing on CD covers, newsletters, websites, concert programs and more.

An experienced professional in cross-channel marketing, Nathan combines the power of print, radio and TV with email, web, social and digital media, maximizing his clients’ message, reach and revenue.

As Director of Development for Portland Rescue Mission, Nathan managed multi-million dollar budgets to maximize return-on-investment through iterative testing and creative campaigns. He trained a talented team in the essentials of fundraising and communication covering direct mail, advertising, media production, digital marketing, event production and public relations.

Passionate about interpersonal development, team building and personal growth, Nathan coaches people in a deeper understanding of personality types, personal strengths and weaknesses, and communication skills that enhance relationships both in and beyond the workplace.

Nathan currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three children. He has degrees in Music Education from Taylor University and Graphic Design / Multimedia from Westwood College. In his spare time, he loves creating new board games, composing music, creating art, and beachcombing on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Nathan Smith, Crossmark Enterprises
Lisa Smith
MBTI Certified Practitioner

Professional, Diligent and Reliable

Much of the power of Crossmark Enterprises comes from Lisa Smith, an outstanding project manager, logistics planner and certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Backed by a degree in psychology and systems, Lisa brings top-notch professionalism to every Crossmark client. Whether lifting a small local nonprofit or interacting with executive-level teams, she brings warmth, “can do” spirit and unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

There’s nothing Lisa loves more than the challenge of a new project. Give her a goal. She’ll set the milestones and shoulder the load every step of the way. Her thoroughness anticipates potential setbacks and offers workaround solutions to keep projects moving.

As an MBTI certified practitioner, Lisa is qualified to guide people through the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. With this deeply insightful tool, she assists individuals or teams in understanding their unique communication and decision-making preferences.

A lifelong learner, Lisa sharpens herself with podcasts, webinars and endless stacks of books from the library, where her books-checked-out ranking has become legendary. She loves sharing her latest insights about personality types, personal growth, parenting and more.

When not checking off to-do lists for Crossmark clients, Lisa works as Chief Of Staff raising funds with principal donors at Portland State University Foundation. Her pleasures in life are simple: a freshly ground cup of coffee on a drizzly Portland day, a romantic British period drama, a time-travel sci-fi movie, a mind-expanding book, a soaring Broadway musical, or a hike in the unsurpassable beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


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  • A broad expert who can jump in where needed and take it to the next level. Who knows everything from strategic project management and creative event planning to web design, email marketing, social media, writing, graphic design, photography, video and audio production.


Someone who will exceed your expectations time after time.

  • A creative professional who’s quick, agile and skilled. Who can achieve a lot with a little. Who thrives on problem solving and finding a better way.

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