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Get a one-two punch — a fundraising professional who also has broad expertise in creative disciplines. Let’s dream up big ideas and execute them with excellence.

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Direct Mail Appeals

Let’s use words that work!

Ask about fundraising appeals, TV and radio scripts, event/speech writing, blog posts, email copy, press releases and ghost writing for executives.

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Storytelling Videos

“Unseen” was produced as a 4-part story unfolding in different segments of a live fundraising banquet presentation for Portland Rescue Mission. Concept and creative direction by Nathan Smith.


“Dominoes” was scripted and directed by Nathan Smith as a powerful metaphor for breaking the destructive cycle of addiction.



You don’t need fluff.

You need content and creative that works hard and gets results.

Let’s get your messaging tight and your strategy right.

Direct marketing shoots your message straight to the heart of your audience, getting the response you want.

Crossmark Enterprises can help with every step of the direct mail process: concept, strategy, list purchasing, design and copywriting.

Wanna take it up a notch? Let’s tackle personalization, segmentation, A/B testing and insightful analysis to improve results over time.

A/B test email and landing pages to improve response and revenue

Boost your email clicks and completes with well crafted messaging, engaging subject lines and mobile-friendly responsive layout.

Take it up a level by personalizing content, messaging your audience in unique segments and creating landing pages that convert. Improve results with A/B testing, conditional content and careful analytics tracking.

Play like a pro with comprehensive campaigns unified across direct mail, email, web, social media, TV and radio.

Sound like a lot? Crossmark Enterprises will walk you through each step.

Your website needs to do more than inform. It has to INSPIRE.

Let’s get your message down to its most potent essence. And craft a website that’s an experience. One that leads to action!

Anyone can post to social media.

But all social media channels are not the same. Simply repeating your content across channels won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Discover how to use social media effectively. Then learn how to tie it all in with your email, blog, landing pages and traditional media for a powerful campaign.

Harness the power of TV and radio to attract new donors and generate revenue.

Look to Crossmark Enterprises to handle every aspect of your telethon / radiothon fundraising event.

  • Start-to-finish project management
  • Air Time purchase
  • Storytelling production
  • Scripting / copywriting
  • Digital and print support
  • Day-of event management
  • Live data tracking
  • Post-event analysis

This live 30-minute segment was produced for Portland Rescue Mission as a keystone of an all-day telethon, breaking previous fundraising records by far.



You’re a smart person.

But even the best of us needs a boost now and then.

Borrow my brain for awhile. Let’s get some nitty gritty strategic thinking done with campaign ideation, cross-channel planning, systems set-up, project management and insight fueled by analytics.

  • Our branding materials are a mess. How can we unify them?
  • Is our logo and tagline connecting with people? How can we improve them?
  • How can we find out what people really think of us and our products / services?
  • Who is our core audience? What is our core message? How well are we connecting both?
  • Our website needs help. How should we improve it?
  • We don’t seem to be making much money from digital marketing. What are we doing wrong?
  • What content should we be posting on our blog, website and social media?
  • How can we easily build our email list?
  • Our nonprofit is struggling to raise funds. Can you advise us?
  • How can we reduce costs and get more revenue from our direct mail and newsletters?
  • With limited time and staff, where should we focus our fundraising efforts?
  • What metrics / reports will help me understand and increase our fundraising effectiveness?
  • How can I increase engagement through personalization and segmentation?
  • Which of my programs is generating the most revenue? Which ones do I need to change?
  • How can we A/B test to increase response?
  • Which donors / customers am I losing and how can I win them back?
  • I have so much to do. How can I keep projects on track?
  • How do I keep focused on the big picture while managing the day-to-day tasks?
  • How do I help my team use their time most productively?
  • We’re growing in complexity. How do we streamline communication around our projects?
  • How should I deal with a difficult person / situation?
  • How can I build a cohesive team that makes progress and likes working together?
  • How can I understand people better to reduce conflict and improve communication?
  • What makes this person tick? How can I motivate and connect with them?
  • What unique things drive and fulfill me as a person?
  • How can I position myself for advancement in my workplace?
  • How can I move past issues, attitudes and behaviors that seem to be holding me back personally and professionally?
  • How can I understand myself better and build a life that is satisfying?


Get it done right. Get it done now. 

  • Got a rush project?
  • Need some creative juices?
  • Ready to take your work up a notch?

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